Sunday, January 5, 2014

Waffle Iron Heaven

Waffle Iron Heaven

Waffles have been dietary staple of people around the world for a long time. Earlier generations created waffles by placing a barley batter onto a crude iron griddle, and baking the batter to create a toasted cake. From there, things quickly progressed. People began to experiment with ingredients and baking methods.

There were changes to recipes and equipment. Some people were fond of baking their family crests into the waffles. Technology advanced to develop easier ways of baking waffles, and new appliances were introduced to the market.

Making delicious waffles at home really is very easy. All you need is a good batter recipe and a proper waffle iron. You dont need a fancy appliance; just a basic design with two metal plates that are hinged at a centre point. These metal plates are heated and the waffle iron folds in half. With batter between, the hot metal plates provide the perfect place for the waffles to bake to perfection.

Traditionally, waffle irons were heated in an open flame. With attached tongs, the batterfilled irons were held over a fire to bake the waffles. Today, of course, modern cooks use electric waffle irons that easier to use, clean and store.

Waffle irons are available in many sizes and the indentations on the surfaces of the baking plates can come in a variety of shapes. Shopping around, youll find waffle irons that decorate your waffles with circles, triangles or traditional squares. Serve heartshaped waffles to your Valentine, or bake the face of a favorite cartoon character right in to your kids waffles. Some waffle irons have removable plates, allowing you to change the design to suit your mood.

One of the most popular waffles today is the Belgian Waffle. Waffle lovers discovered these delicious treats around 1965. Since then, people have devoured them at mealtime, snack time and at carnivals. Belgian waffles are baked using special irons that have deeper indentations on the plates. The result is wonderful, deep crevices that hold fresh fruit, maple syrup, whipped cream, and even chocolate chips.

Why reach into a box of frozen waffles when its so easy to make homemade? Buy a waffle iron and treat yourself to the aroma and flavor of freshbaked treats. Youll never reach for the toaster again!

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