Friday, January 3, 2014

Vimgo Cheats

Vimgo Cheats

I have never heard of this product until this hit. Now I want one just to see what its all about. I couldnt find any cheats for this game. I did read that the docking station is pretty much mandatory if you want the full experience out of the game and/or system. I would definitely look on ebay or another bid site to find just the docking station. I believe theyre around $30 to $50 retail depending on how you buy it, separately or package deal. Theres currently an auction on ebay for one docking station with 3 dogs for $27. Go to the cheat menu after you save your game and you will find , which makes you invincible. You should collect all of the babies before trying to defeat Viggo. Specifically in the GAMES ROOM level of this section.

Go past the jukebox and climb the stacked books. Looking around you should see an arcade machine behind you. Transform into tweek and glide over to the arcade machine.

There are two buttons on this machine start and fire. Jump on the start button. Winning one round of this sub game activates the TINY CHARACTER cheat.

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