Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Importance Of Waste Segregation

The Importance Of Waste Segregation

The food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink are all polluted. It seems that there is no place on earth that is safe to dwell in. Nobody is to blame in mans present predicament but man himself. People had been taught on the proper disposal of trash yet they continue to do their own convenient way. The polluted environment has caused many diseases and some even resulted to death.

Sanitation has never been observed by many people. It is sufficient to them that they were able to dispose their trash whether they did it correctly or not, they do not care. Would it be too late to reform? Is there still a chance to make our planet clean?

The government of every nation has always been reminding people on the proper disposal of their trash. Man has been informed about the biodegradable and nonbiodegradable trash. In disposing the garbage man should be able to conform with the regulations of segregating the two types of waste.

Biodegradable waste consists of organic waste. These are the kitchen garbage, the vegetables, fruits, flowers, leaves and paper. Biodegradability is associated with materials that can be decomposed into nontoxic byproducts. It has to be an organic substance. These need to be broken down by microorganism to become compost and be useable by plants. Any biodegradable item that ends in a landfill instead of being converted into compost can be worst.

Nonbiodegradable wastes are those that do not decay. This type can be further classified into three sub classes the recyclable waste, toxic waste and soiled. Recyclable wastes consist of plastics, paper, glass, metals and many others. The toxic wastes, which are the most harmful to man, consist of medicines, paints, spray cans, bulbs, chemicals, fertilizer and pesticide containers. Used batteries fall under this category. The soiled wastes are hospital wastes that includes blood soiled clothes and other clothes soiled by other body fluids. The toxic and the soiled trash must be disposed of properly and under guidance. These are most harmful to men.

Man should know how to segregate his trash into these classifications otherwise their health will be placed in extreme jeopardy. The government had already given the colors of trash cans where each type of garbage is classified into. If man persists to do his wrongful garbage disposal, pollution will continue uncessantly.

If man wants to live healthy and health hazard free, he should start abiding by the rules on waste segregation. One recommended solution to this is to color code the plastic garbage bags green for biodegradable, yellow for infectious or toxic wastes and black for nonbiodegradable..

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