Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Growing Importance of Mobile Websites for Auto Dealerships

The Growing Importance of Mobile Websites for Auto Dealerships

Internet users have made the transition from traditional desktop and notebook computers to handy mobile devices. Over the years, with more and more people switching to mobile phones, especially smartphones, shopping habits have changed significantly.

It was also found that as many as 79% of smartphone users use their phones to get useful information while shopping. This includes finding information on products, comparing different products, locating a retailer, making inquiries, etc. These statistics clearly showcase the need for mobile websites. The following are a few more points that could help you better understand the importance of having a mobile website for your auto dealership website.

Traditional websites designed for computers do not look complete in mobile phones. Further, when users try to access your website using a mobile phone, they are likely to miss valuable information on your website. This may make users go to other dealership websites that are mobile compatible. In order to avoid inconveniencing mobile users and to provide them with good user experience, you need to have a mobile website for your auto dealership.

Mobile websites not only make it easy for your users to browse your website using mobile phones but they also help you present your users with all the required information.

Enables you to leverage the traffic coming from mobiles

The number of people browsing Internet using smart phones is increasing rapidly. Search engines are also actively serving mobile users by giving first preference to mobile websites. So, whenever search engines identify a query coming from a mobile device, they will list all the related mobile websites. Undoubtedly, having one enables you to leverage the traffic coming from mobile phones.

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