Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hazmat Label

Hazmat Label

HAZMAT labels are extremely important for recognizing and identifying the dangers of any hazardous materials. Applying safety labels to machinery storage containers can save time, money, and reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents. By correctly identifying substances, HAZMAT labels can ease the disposal process too.

Common Features of HAZMAT Labels

Warning labels can take many forms, but most follow a few general rules. In a highly noticeable color and location, a signal word, such as danger or warning is often used. Different signal words connote different degrees of potential hazard.

Beneath or directly adjacent to the signal word is a panel with a simple graphic demonstration of the type of danger. Electrical, flammable, chemical, or mechanical dangers all have different, easytoread pictographs. This panel of the HAZMAT label is often larger and brighter than the other panels, featuring a black and white, highcontrast graphic.

Finally, a more descriptive message should be included somewhere on the label. They message should be concise, and use the most direct language possible. In the event of an emergency, messages that require interpretation can slow response time and compound potential hazards.

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